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About MIRM


Founded in 2015, the Make It Right Movement (MIRM) is a CSR initiative by Brickfields Asia College (BAC) that aims to create a sustained positive impact on society by championing community causes both locally and globally, leveraging all resources of the BAC Education Group. MIRM provides a platform for businesses and organisations to meet their social objectives through active partnerships and strong affiliations, built around efficiently managed community engagement. MIRM collaborates with over 80 social good entities, and is involved in more than 200 charity programmes and CSR-related projects and events annually. We proudly support the initiatives, projects and causes of our students, partners and affiliates, and welcome all suggestions to bring progressive social change.


Raja Singham

Raja Singham founded the Make It Right Movement to address a need for consciousness between the intersection of entrepreneurialism and social good in Malaysia. He is a visionary who wants to leverage the resources of more than 25 companies under the BAC Education Group to bring good to Malaysia and Malaysians. Raja strongly believes in transforming lives through education and his focus on innovation and educational excellence has been honoured by numerous distinguished awards, received personally and awarded to BAC over the years. He is actively involved in various Government initiatives to improve the Malaysian education sector and is a Circle Expert for Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) on Work and Value Creation.

Brian Lariche
Head of Community Development

Brian has vast experience in community development in Malaysia and internationally. He was Project Adviser for the UNDP Malaysia, and is also a trained facilitator for numerous local and international youth and community engagement programmes. He has published, written, translated and adapted numerous books, manuals and brochures on socio-medical issues and governance. He sits on numerous committees globally. Brian’s passion lies in seeing equity in society. He manages the overall direction of MIRM in consultation with the Founder.

Ranjaniy Mohan
Social Media Manager

Popularly known as Jinie, she is a classical dancer passionate about the arts. Having majored in Public Relations and Communications, Jinie ventured into the social media scene and has never looked back. An MIRM front liner, she is always keen to help and give back to the community.

Rachel Siew
Community Advocate

A petite law graduate who is also running her own trust fund (the Rachel Siew Suet Li Trust Fund) for her medical needs. Rachel is MIRM’s Community Advocate and our tower of courage. A motivational speaker and author, Rachel is here for the community.

Frank Mol

Frank is an Applied Psychology student from the Netherlands who has a willingness to do good. For him the MIRM is an ideal way to gain experience and give something back to the local community. He is passionate about sports, traveling and making an impact in a calm and collective way.


New to the MIRM team, this accounts graduate is learning the ropes and helping to manage the accounts for MIRM and a few of its partners. Always ready with a smile, Harrsha is ready to serve.


Senior Motion Graphics Designer

A motion artist who believes that less is more, who is not only passionate about animation but also cats.


Graphic Designer

With a strong power of imagination and an endless desire for visual art wisdom, Ivy is the ultimate dreamer fulfilling her destiny.

Carrot Lo
Senior Creative Designer

Square peg in a round hole, Carrot is passionate about creative design and wants to make thing extraordinary in all MIRM design work.

Luke Kiang
Photographer & Videographer

Luke Kiang is a photographer and videographer who brings a unique perspective to his photographic work and has an innate ability to capture poignancy and raw beauty in each frame. His fascination and love for capturing moments have led him to a successful career in both media platforms with Faceberry Communications Sdn Bhd.

Jack Tan
Creative Designer

More than just a designer, Jack has extensive video and photo editing skills to share.