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BACked4Life: Unleash Your Potential

BACked4Life: Unleash Your Potential

On May 15th, Dr. Edward Devadason, from the Make It Right Movement – Brickfields Asia College’s CSR arm, held a workshop on personality, he aptly named ‘Unleash your potential’.

The training is part of Brickfields Asia College’s Backed4Life training programme and talked about the four personality types from Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.

The training was attended by twenty participants – most of whom are students. Dr. Edward kick started the training by getting every participant to write their name onto a balloon and then introduce themselves to the group. After they had introduced themselves, they were asked to hand the balloon to somebody else. There were four balloons. The names on each of the balloons would form a group.

When the participants had introduced themselves and formed into 4 groups of 5 individuals, Dr. Edward spoke about teamwork and gave them an assignment to lift ten nails off the floor using just the nails and a small block of wood with one nail hammered inside. It’s an exercise where you need to think outside the box and most groups weren’t able to solve it. There were two participants who had played the game before and knew to outcome of the puzzle, so they did not partake in the activity. After their time was up, Dr. Edward asked the two participants who knew the outcome to show the rest. Since none of the groups were able to solve the puzzle.

After the two participants who knew solved the puzzle, there was a collective “Aaah” sound in the classroom as they realised they were trying to solve the puzzle the wrong way. Curious for the answer? Be sure to attend Dr. Edward’s next Unleash your potential talk!

The participants were then guided to the website to take the personality test. The entire room was in silence as the participants filled the multiple choice test and results at the end of the test. According to Personality Plus there are four personality temperaments, namely: Sanguin, Choleric, Melancholic & Phlegmatic. For more information check out this link ( temperaments/)

For the last part of the training, Dr. Edward split the group into four groups, based on their strongest temperament. Those who scored highest on the Sanguine temperament, sat in a group together and so did those who scored highest on Choleric, Melancholic & Phlegmatic. For each temperament, Dr. Edward then talked about its strengths and possible pitfalls and what they should focus on if they wanted prevent turning their possible pitfalls into weaknesses.


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