Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Call us: 6 03-7954 1769


GoodKids believes that each child has the capability of learning through various avenues. Children are often forced to follow the conventional way. At GoodKids, children are taught in a development model that increases self-esteem and confidence, and embeds many soft skills essential to cultivate a learning desire in youth.

What makes GoodKids real cool? The style of learning is to use performing arts as a tool to absorb and understand new knowledge. GoodKids believe that every youth is a “good kid waiting to discover their strengths”.

  • Train the Trainers Training 2018
  • Life Stories : Dramatically Transforming Lives 2018
  • Train the Trainers Training 2019
  • MIRM assist in providing room rental and catering arrangement during their events
  • Assistance in terms of brainstorming ideas, graphic design and videography
  • Performed at BAC’s 2018 Deepavali event