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Malaysian CARE

Malaysian CARE (MCARE) is a non-profit Christian NGO established in Malaysia in 1979, committed to serving the poor and needy irrespective of religion and ethnicity.

We focus on empowering communities, aim for long-term sustainable development and see ourselves as partners to the local church and the people we are serving.

Rumah Petros (RP) and Rumah Kepercayaan (RK) are our half-way homes which provide community services with priority for men and women released from the prison and also youth-at-risk from the community.

RP is for the men and RK is for the women. The purpose is to equip and reintegrate ex-prisoners and youth–at-risk into the community, towards stability and recovery.

RK was founded in 1981 and RP was founded in 1991. Next year 2021 will be 40th Anniversary for RK and 30th Anniversary for RP. Through the years, at least 2000 clients had sought help and refuge in this place.

The program is client-centered with a community-based-recovery approach. Each client is viewed as unique and our staff who functions as caseworker works together with the client to identify their needs and develop a case plan which would also involve the community, whenever possible. Besides providing temporary shelter, we also prepare them for job placement, skills and character development and life coaching.

All services and lodging facilities in RP & RK had remained free-of-charge as CARE is a non-profit organisation and we rely solely on the support from generous donors.

RP & RK remains significant and unique in its role as half-way home for men and women released from prison because its services and facilities are still much needed in the community, being very rare of such places available in our community to offer refuge, support and assistance for ex-prisoners. CARE sees the potential in each client who has arrived in our homes and believes that there’s always hope and a future for every person.

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