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People Potential: Pre-launch of The Reinforcement Academy Workshop

People Potential: Pre-launch of The Reinforcement Academy Workshop

People Potential is a regional Learning and Development consultancy based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

People Potential conducted a 3-day long workshop named “Pre-launch of The Reinforcement Academy Workshop” This Workshop was rooted from the best-selling book ‘Training Reinforcement’ by Anthonie Wurth who designed Reinforcements for more than 3000 clients globally.

The main aim of this workshop was to tutor participants how to design reinforcement programmes which could assist in creating a change in behavior and skill application from any training or workshop conducted. The training session was conducted by facilitators Mr. Joshua Ng and Ms. Tan Wai Leng from 15-17 November 2019 at the PJ Campus of Brickfields Asia College. This resourceful workshop was attended by 20 working adults mostly from the Human Resource or Learning and Development background.

It is very common for trainees to forget the trainings or workshops attended by them. Hence, one of the solution to curb this issue is to provide reinforcement and engagement trainings in order to retain skills learnt. Both the Trainers provided guidance in ways to design a customised reinforcement program leveraging on existing training materials. According to the trainers, by doing so would not only result in a dramatic impact on the behavioural change in an individual but would also improve your organisation’s training strategies and the effectiveness of such program.

MIRM assisted in providing of a suitable venue and technical support to ensure that the workshop went as planned.



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