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UNHCR, FUGEE School and other refugee linked organisations

Providing skills based training to the refugees, preparing them for tertiary education and providing education opportunities for the refugees


MIRM is one of the main partners in the CERTE Bridge course, an initiative led by Teach for Refugees (T4R), with support from Open Universities for Refugees (OUR) and universities in Malaysia focussed on connecting and equipping refugees to tertiary education opportunities in Malaysia.The first course hosted 14 refugee students from 5 countries including Somalia, Yemen, Myanmar, Syria and Pakistan, in a program designed to bolster students’ confidence, skills and ability to seek and successfully obtain tertiary education opportunities. The bridge course is a model which can be replicated to impact student opportunities globally. The CERTE course is now with its 2nd cohort. MIRM not only hosted this course but also arranged a college visit and provided training on various topics for the students.OUR – Open Universities for Refugees – is an initiative that brings together institutions which offer and are willing to offer, higher education courses and/or diploma and certificate programs to refugees and displaced people, and to create an open and accessible knowledge network accessible by all. Since 2016 OUR has been working with UNHCR, various higher education institutions and with representatives of displaced communities to meet current stakeholders and potential students to understand better:

  1. the nature of demand for higher education in South East Asia and the challenges faced by displaced communities wishing to access it;
  2. the current academic opportunities available, and potential options for the future;
  3. the nature of current ran training courses and various topics for this group to support potential students, both within communities and amongst current higher and secondary education providers; and
  4. the views of other key stakeholders.

The Task Force for CERTE was established during the OUR-UNHCR 3 C Forum-5/6 August 2016 hosted by MIRM and led by Ms. Jessica Chapman of the Fugee School, Teach for Refugees and Dr. Robin Duncan and supported by MIRM. Besides the above, MIRM works directly with the refugees in various forms. These include:

  • Hosting and provided trainers for teacher training for over 400 refugee teachers so they can impact thousands of refugee children
  • Working with PhD candidates to develop refugee community researchers
  • Working with alternate schools in Sabah for stateless children
  • Providing full and partial scholarships for deserving refugee youth via BAC’s education group’s online university
  • Developing different refugee community groups capacity directly

MIRM will continue to work with disadvantaged group to ensure there is education for all.